Sunday, 14 August 2011

Final Post

Saturday, August 13

I’m now back in Calgary, and posting my final blog.  As I reflect on the past month I am astounded at how much I experienced in thirty days.  I met many dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to improve the situation in Northern Ghana.  I met teachers who work with few resources, limited training and in challenging conditions.  I met Chalice staff who identify children and families in need and fill out sponsorship requests with the hope that someone will step forward to sponsor.  There are currently over 200 children in the Upper West Region of Ghana waiting for a sponsor to choose them.  Will you be that sponsor?   

Trip Home

Friday, August 12
I started my journey back to Canada by riding this bus from Wa to Kumasi.  We stopped halfway for a washroom and food break.  Vendors quickly set up shop beside the bus.  Fifteen minutes later the bus driver honked the horn, and everyone piled back on the bus for the remaining three hour trip.  Despite being completely full it was surprisingly quiet on the bus, with only the occasional ringing of a cell phone. 

Computer In-servicing

Thursday, August 11

For the past two weeks I have been working with seventeen Chalice Field workers and Office staff teaching basic Microsoft Picture Manager, Powerpoint, Word, and Excel.  There were even a few times when the Internet was strong enough and we were able to Skype my family.  It was eight days of intense learning, with the keenest learners I have ever taught.  They were sponges; eager and excited about their new learning and discoveries.  A few of them have written a short autobiography for this blog, to offer a glimpse of their life.   

From left to right: Francis, Thomas, Bright, Joseph and Samuel.  I couldn’t have done the eight days of in-servicing without Samuel’s help.  In addition to taking care of computer problems, Samuel would translate when someone didn’t understand my accent or explanation, and help people individually.

Donlaara Samuel Mireni
As the last born of the first of his three wives, the late Mr. Naa-Imah Donlaara Laatu chose me at the age of 11 to go to school, to accomplish whatever he was denied the opportunity to in the early 1930s.  He told me “Mireni I want you to go to school and find whatever I was denied, when I was rejected, after been chosen to attend school in my childhood”
I, Naa-Imah Donlaara Samuel Mireni started my basic education at Jeyiri Local Authority Primary School.  I was transferred to the then Wa Catholic Primary School, now St. John`s Catholic School in Wa to continue from class 3.  Wa is the capital town of the youngest region in Ghana, the Upper West Region.  There at Wa Catholic School I acquired my basic education certificate in 1999, and continued with the second cycle education (senior high school) at the then Lassia-Tuolu Senior Secondary school, now St. Ignatius Senior High school.  I acquired my secondary school certificate in General Arts to proceed to the tertiary level.
Where and how at all could this poor farmer`s son get about GH¢30.00 to buy a university application form to apply to go to the university?  I had to go to the Southern part of Ghana to labour for money.  From there I had some amount with which I supported my family to buy a Polytechnic application form at GH¢15.00.  I gained admission into Wa Polytechnic in November, 2003 to pursue a Higher National Diploma in Secretaryship and Management Studies.  I graduated in 2006 and after I had done my mandatory national service in August 2007, I was appointed to serve as a Sub Site Director in Chalice Lassia-Tuolu Parish of the Wa Sponsor Site in Ghana.
I owe Chalice a lot of thanks.  But for the kind support of the sponor site, I wouldn`t have been able to pursue my course at the Polytechnic. Many thanks and may God richly bless Chalice.  After working with Chalice for about 2 yrs I was supported once more to study an IT (information technology) course for 15 months.  Now I work as a Sub Site Director and IT support in the Lassia-Tuolu Parish Chalice.
I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Chalice, sponsors, donors and all who are affiliated with Chalice everywhere.  I humbly implore everybody to help me thank and ask the good Lord our Ever merciful Father to bless and reward Chalice, sponsors, donors and you for joining hands to make me what I am today. May we all be granted long and prosperous lives. I am serving Chalice with all my heart and thus shall I continue to serve. 


I am Arah Francis, born on the 25th February, 1984.  I am a native of Lassia Tuolu, in the Wa west District in the upper west region of Ghana.  I started my schooling in 1987.  I completed my basic education in 1995 and was not able to go to Senior high school.  My Father said that I should be helping him at his farm work.  I helped my father from the year 1995-2001.  One day I called my father and said to him that I will go back to school.  I went to Junior high school in the year 2002-2004 which I successfully completed.  I gained admission to the Senior High school which I attended from 2004 to May 2007.  When I completed and passed all my papers I was appointed as a people teacher in the Lassia Tuolu Primary School till I was appointed a field worker under the Lassia Tuolu Parish Chalice, for the LPA sub-site in the year 2008.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Abraham Bright

I am Pele Abraham Bright. I was born on the 3rd of March, 1983. I am a native of Gurungu in the Wa West District in the Upper West Region of Ghana. I had my Primary and Junior High education at Gurungu from 1991 to 1999, where I successfully obtained a certificate in Basic education. I entered Senior High School in 2000 at the then Lassia Toulu Secondary School, now Lassia Tuolu Senior High School. I completed my Senior Secondary School in August 2002 and obtained a Senior Secondary School certificate in December 2002. In October 2002 I was also appointed as a Parish helping teacher at Yuonuur Primary School.
In July 2003, I gained admission into the University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Information Studies and Linguistics in at the University of Ghana, Logon. In May 2007, I completed my University Education and was appointed teaching assistant in the same University in November 2007 to do my National Service. In September 2008 I was appointed the Sponsorship / Records Coordinator of Lassia Tuolu Parish Chalice.
I am the first of seven children. My late moter, Madam N-nyara Opiitey was very helpful to me during my childhood days. My father, Sey Pele is an Agriculturalist. My hobbies are researching, reading and observing nature. 

Charles B

I am Basour Z Charles and I come from Kawu in the Upper West Region of Ghana. I was born on 24th February 1987 and both my parents are still alive.

I attended Kawu Roman Catholic Primary & Junior High schools. I completed Wa Islamic Senior High School and I had my first Diploma in Sunyani Polytechnic, in the area of Accounting. It will interest you to know that, my Senior & Polytechnic education were supported financially by Chalice and after which, I was employed as a Fieldworker in Chalice too. Though it is challenging working with a good number of children from different homes, I love the work. My favourite hobby is farming and I am dreaming of becoming a commercial farmer in the future.


I am Domenile Charles, the Bookkeeper/Accountant of Chalice NBB, a Sub-Site of Chalice at Nandom. I am a young man of thirty-one years old, married with two children named Cyril and Clifford. I attended Wa Polytechnic for three years where I received a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Accounting option, which I completed in 2009.

I have been working with Chalice for two years and I love the work very much, because it keeps me busy and I learn a lot from my work.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


My name is Maaniasie Basil. I was born on the 16th of December, 1978 in Nandom, in a farming community called Kogle, under the upper west Region of Ghana.
It is no wonder that farming is my hobby. Born in a farming community with my parents being farmers, I loved to help my parents on the farm when I was very young. In 1985 my father passed away, leaving my poor mother who continued to till a small piece of land to take care of the five of us (2 girls and 3 boys).
Currently I am working with Chalice, a Catholic Sponsorship Programme as the field worker for Chalice -NBB in Nandom. I am dealing with a total of 303 sponsored children which includes four schools, namely Betaglo, Brutu, Bu and Dabateng.
Sometimes the work is challenging, however it's interesting to me to deal with children from different homes with different characters. It is my hope that these poor children will grow in the spirit of God to be responsible, and sharing Christ's love with others who are in need.